Cutting It Close For The Shot - Padang Padang, 30 October 2020

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I guess navigating the photographers at the end bowl of Padang Padang 3:24 is like driving through peak hour Denpasar: In the midst of chaos just hold your line nice and steady and the traffic will work its way around you.

And so the surfer chooses a line and the photographers need to adjust accordingly. In both examples everyone gets from A to B unscathed - for the most part - but geez there's some close calls.

It was far from the biggest Padang Padang of the year, but there were some perfectly shaped, funneling tubes during the peak of this swell on the 30th of October - and you couldn't have asked for a smoother surface to ride on.

Some of the surfers featured in this video...
Koki Hendrawan:
Mega Artana:
Koldo Illumbe:

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