Eating SPICY Indonesian FOOD in BALI!

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In this video I am eating the most spicy Indonesian food I could find on Grab!
I decided to shoot this video with @Raising Our Roots before they take off to their next destination. Make sure to subscribe to them to follow their journey traveling the world as a family. I am also here with Oscar Eagles who helped me film the video!
Oscar's Channel:
So How spicy is indonesian food? Let's find out.
All the food we ate was so delicious even though it was really spicy. Haha
What is your favorite Spicy food in Indonesia? Do you prefer Indonesian street food or restaurant food?
We are finally back home in Bali Indonesia vlog after spending 2 months in Jakarta. This was a simple video to put together to get back into regular content. I'm really looking forward to the future videos in Bali 2021. Traveling to Bali in 2021 from Jakarta was not easy but I gotta say it's very good to be home. In the NEXT video, I will be giving away 2 million rupiah of Indonesian Food to strangers. I won't be making a bali vlog very often anymore, now I am doing this style of video that is more fun. Haha Let's gooooo!
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