VLOG: Things to do in Lockdown | Bali Indonesia

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This is a vlog about a normal lockdown day for us in Bali, we will also share how much our lifestyle costs each month.

Lockdown in Bali, Indonesia, has been ramped up recently, they are calling it PPKM here in Indonesia, and so this has left us with no other option but to spend more time at home, with our puppies, and in turn this has brought out our creative sides. Things to do in lockdown is not such a difficult question out here in Bali, Indonesia, while we are building a brand, and a life in Indonesia's beautiful Island, Bali 2021.

As a couple here in Bali Indonesia, with so much space and a pool, this Indonesia lockdown has been so much better than all the other lockdowns that we have been through. So we decided to vlog all day, from the moment we woke up until the moment we went to sleep so that you could clearly see how our life looked her in Bali Indonesia, and to give you some ideas for THINGS TO DO IN LOCKDOWN. - BALI 2021 LOCKDOWN

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